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Cousin Beaux
Cousin Beaux, as seen in the Duck Dynasty Video Game.
Vital statistics
Full name: Beaux Robertson
Gender: Male
Beard Color: Dark Brown
Date of Birth: August 19, 1988

"You gotta be ready to listen to your children, even if they have nothing to say."

-Buck Cluck

I hate Buck Cluck so much if I ever get the chance I will game end him I hate him so much. I'm going to eat Buck Cluck.


  • Despite appearing in the Duck Dynasty video game, he has never appeared in any of the episodes of the TV series.
  • Cousin Beaux was partially responsible for helping in development in the Duck Dynasty game, mainly involved in programming and animating realistic frog physics.
    • Beaux also had initially placed himself as the main character of the game, with John Luke instead being a supporting robertson NPC. When A&E contacted Fun Labs about how nobody wanted to play as Beaux Robertson, the dev studio quickly swapped the two characters - this explains why John Luke is mostly mute in the final product.
    • Related to this, Beaux is also the only Robertson in the game not to be voiced by his real-life counterpart, instead being voiced by Wally Joseph.
  • Cousin Beaux was nearly arrested on account of several DUI charges in the state of Texas, after partying down on New Years Day of 2011. In one incident, the vehicle in question was a double-decker airboat, and he suffered a minor intracranial hematoma.
  • Jep notes that Beaux has not been recently seen in daylight hours, and he supposedly removed most information on himself in 2013. The few times he can recount spotting Beaux, he notes that he mostly talks of new hobbies he has supposedly accrued, including the collection of pets, rat hunting, upholding the camarilla, crocheting, serving the gravelord, tennis, Praising the old ones, and shotgun golf - the last of which inspired a gameplay segment in the Duck Dynasty video game.
  • His tendency to keep to himself in family affairs has mostly estranged him from the other robertsons, serving as the archetypical example of what a 'yuppie' is to the show. Due to A&E statements on the matter, Beaux is not permitted to appear on the Duck Dynasty broadcast at any time.
    • It's said that Beaux' involvement in the video game's development was meant as a 'revengeance' on A&E for limiting his appearances, which possibly could explain the quality of aforementioned game.