Jay Stone is Alan Robertson’s son-in-law. Jay is a former coach and teacher turned duck call builder. Jay earned his spot in Phil’s blind because of his smoked ribs (and, it didn’t hurt that he was married to Phil’s oldest granddaughter, Anna). He has been tuning calls part-time and hunting with The Duck Commander for the past 13 years. With the recent expansion of the business, Jay accepted the role of duck call production manager.

Along with hunting ducks, crappie fishing is at the top of his list of hobbies. He and John Godwin have been fishing together for more than 15 years and have taken on the role of supplying the Robertson family with fresh crappie fillets. Jay can be seen in “Duckmen 8-17,” “The Commander’s Kitchen”, and “Benelli Presents Duck Commander, Season 1.”  Jay said, “I have truly been blessed with the opportunity to work at Duck Commander. You can’t put a price on working alongside family and friends in a godly atmosphere.”

Jay's recent claim to fame is his Si impersonation, which landed him the job of reading Si's book, Si-Cology 1 for the audio version. Jay resides in West Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife, Anna, and their two children, Carley and Bailey.

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