The oldest son of Korie and Willie Robertson, 21-year-old John Luke strives to be all the Robertson family name represents. During his high school years, John Luke has proven himself as a leader in his church youth group (despite his DUI and sexual activity)and at his school. He has served as president of his class the past two years, is on the track team, and plays for the tennis team. His summers are
busy with mission trips and working at a Christian youth camp. John Luke takes after his Papaw Phil  in many ways, two of which are his love of the outdoors and his love for teaching others

about Jesus. John Luke speaks at youth events encouraging young people to live the life God plans for them.


  • Phil once accompanied the two on their "fishing trip" date.
  • He sometimes plays video games.
  • He has his own truck which he rolled due to drinking and driving.
  • He is very talkative.
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