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Jep Robertson
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Vital statistics
Full name: Jules Jeptha Robertson
Gender: Male
Beard Color: Brown
Date of Birth: May 28, 1978 (age 43)
Spouse: Jessica
Occupation: Cameraman/editor
Quotes: See bottom

Jules Jeptha "Jep" Robertson is the youngest son of Phil and Miss Kay. In the first few seasons, he appears at the family dinners, and can be seen working in the duck call room, or goofing off with the guys. By Season 4, Jep becomes one of the main stars alongside Willie, Jase, Si, and Phil.

Jep grew up in the duck blind. Utilizing these years of experience for his role as the cameraman and editor for the family business, Jep is able to think like a hunter behind the camera and therefore, capture excellent footage for the Duckmen DVD series and the television show, Benelli Presents Duck Commander.


Jep is the younger brother of Alan, Jase, and Willie, is a nephew of Si, and is married to Jessica. He has 3 daughters (Lily, Prescilla, Merritt), and 2 sons (River, and Jules "Gus").

Jep is close friends with Godwin and Martin. He tends to get along very well with his oldest brother Alan and his uncle Si. His sibling rivalry with Jase and Willie continues in their adult lives, but is much more tame and mature compared to their hijinks as kids. Willie and Jase have been shown to gang up on Jep to make sure their younger brother never gets the upper hand. Despite the torture and teasing, Willie and Jase have shown on numerous occasions that they care about Jep. Jase and Jep help each other with projects in many episodes. Willie even sides with Jep when he disagrees with Jessica.

Jep is a family man who loves to spend time with his wife Jessica and his children. Jep is arguably the most flexible father among the Robertsons, showing abilities as a girl dad and a boy dad.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "There went my testicles!"
  • "I found a ladybug!"
  • "Like a boss."
  • "DINJA…. Dodgeball-Ninja."
  • "The guys are laughing now, but they won't be laughing when I slam-dunk in their FACE."
  • "I’m just tryna get a little pat… pat on the booty."
  • "You're my uncle, but I will cut you."
  • "His poor underwear...."
  • "This tea's not gonna drink itself, Jase."
  • "Get out of here with your man-skirt!"
  • "Panthers don't wear clothes."
  • "He looks like a drunk redneck looking for his keys!"
  • "The senior citizens are at it again!"
  • "He's fixin' to hurt that bathroom, Jase."
  • "I'm tougher and way better looking."
  • "Why do I have to Si-sit???"
  • "If you don't like The Golden Girls, I don't like you."
  • "When you got a wife as hot as mine, you gotta keep her happy."
  • "Rat pee in my beer. Thanks, Dad."
  • "This hair ain't gonna blow-dry itself."
  • "They're gonna learn or they're gonna......burn."
  • “I do like Chuck E. Cheese… but there’s a time and place for it.”


  • He filmed and edited DVDs of the Robertsons hunting for enthusiasts worldwide.
  • He was part of a dodgeball league in West Monroe.
  • Jep and Jessica had their own spin-off that ran for 2 seasons titled Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.
  • Jep and Jessica now live in Austin, Texas, but still visit the family regularly.
  • He runs a food truck called Jep’s Southern Roots.
  • In one of the Christmas specials, Jep reveals he has severe stage fright. This could be the reason he was noticeably more quiet in the first two seasons, and didn’t have frequent in-episode interviews until Season 4. He likely was slow to warm up to life as a reality TV star.
  • In 2014, Jep suffered multiple seizures. His recovery post-hospital was covered in an episode.
  • Jep is a massive gamer, a trait he doesn’t share with any of his brothers.
  • The most tech-savy Robertson family member, Jep plays with many different toys and gadgets throughout the show’s run.
  • Jep has a variety of interests including hunting, fishing, fashion, fitness, gaming, dodgeball, basketball, technology, martial arts, and ninjas.

Social Media[]

  • Twitter: @JepDuckman