Miss Kay

Miss Kay Robertson

Marsha Kay Robertson is the mother of the Robertson family and is part of the main cast of Duck Dynasty.


Miss Kay is married to Phil, is the sister-in-law of Si, and is the mother of AlanJase, Willie,and Jep. She is considered to be an excellent cook and a classic southern mother. Her most famous dish is Jambalaya, which she prepares in numerous episodes.And also is in love with dogs and kids.


  • Her catchphrase is "He gone" or "They gone."
  • Miss Kay loves to cook.
  • She invites the whole family to her house for a home-cooked meal after a hard day's work.
  • She once ran a "moving restaurant" (an RV turned into a huge kitchen) for a day.
  • She has her own cooking DVD.
  • She bribes Phil with kisses and cooking.
  • She loves bowling.
  • She married Phil at age 16.
  • She loves to eat squirrel brains.
  • She also loves to eat "gator balls."
  • She loves her dogs very much.
  • She names all of her dogs Jesse, and when one dies the next becomes "Jesse II", "Jesse III", etc. The only execption is Bobo, as the previous dog was said (By the vet) that it was going to die. He didn't.
  • According to an interview with Jep, they refer to her as Miss Kay not out of disrespect but because in the south that is how you formally address a woman.
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